Established on a foundation of collective expertise spanning many years, UGS stands as a beacon of excellence in the global print market. We build enduring relationships, recognizing that mutual success is the cornerstone of sustained growth.

Our commitment extends to providing competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our goods and with a reach that spans across borders, we take pride in serving clients worldwide.

Good Service

We think the key to good service is building customer relationships.
Here at UGS, we work hard to meet our customers needs and demands.

Global Solutions

Our experience in the African and Middle East markets allow us to successfully supply our products across the globe


Whilst we remain very aware that we are part of an industry whose use of fossil fuels are used in the manufacturing process & transport, within the immediate business we are making every effort possible to change this. This includes researching new recycled/recycleable and greener products; improving transport efficiency and minimising air freight; creating ongoing drive to create a culture of awareness throughout the business.

The Company itself is based on a farm in green countryside and numerous efforts are made by the owners in association with the UK Graphics Supplies

Monthly donations are made to support Climeworks that support the conversion of 600kg of CO2 to stone, per full year of subscription

4 Kva solar roof installation was invested in 8 years ago and now produces electricity in the domestic property

14Kva solar roof installation has since been invested in, producing enough electricity to power the office, warehouse and surrounding farm premises

Over 300 trees and 1.5 miles of hedges have been planted in the area that surrounds UGS and its sister companies.

Energy saving lighting is present in all properties. Log burners and sustainable fuel is used to heat properties with increased insulation throughout to reduce loss of energy