DL Contact Film

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35T7G 61cm x 61m emulsion in

Other sizes available please enquire.
Illuminate your printing process with Alliance DL Contact Film – UV-sensitive negative film for precise dot-for-dot quality.

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Step into excellence with Alliance DL Contact Film, a UV-sensitive negative film crafted for superior dot-for-dot quality. Ideal for UV-poor or subdued daylight environments, this “general purpose” film excels in both emulsion-to-emulsion and out-of-contact applications. Specially qualified for dry-/wet-etching, it adapts seamlessly to various processing methods and can be developed in most Rapid Access and litho developing systems.


  • UV-sensitive negative contact film
  • Provides dot-for-dot quality in various applications
  • Specially qualified for dry-/wet-etching processes
  • Compatible with most Rapid Access and litho developing systems

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