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Kodak Sonora XP Plate

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The Sonora plates have environmental and cost benefits as well as run lengths, imaging speeds, resolutions, and handling capabilities that match most unbaked processed plates.

With these plates Kodak combines the performance features of wet processed plates with market leading
process-free technology

Kodak Sonora XP Process Free Plates eliminate processing and chemistry from plate making. They deliver the quality, productivity, and print capabilities your business needs to be successful. By eliminating the processing step, printers save on chemistry, water, processor maintenance and chemistry disposal, as well as reducing the significant costs of processing variability.

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  • Environmental Benefits from eliminating all the chemicals, water, energy and waste associated with plate processing.
  • Can be put on press with no dot measurement needed and no surprises, no processing variables.
  • Eliminating the processing step means a job can get to press faster with fewer chances for errors along the way.

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