Sun Chemical Light Fast Special Mix Pantone Ink

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Sold in 1KG tins
More colours and special mixes are available, please enquire.

Illuminate your prints with Sun Chemical Light Fast Pantone Ink – pure, vegetable-based, and mineral oil-free for vibrant offset excellence

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Sun Chemical Light Fast Pantone Ink is an exceptional choice from the Pantone collection. This ink boasts a range of unfinished coloured base concentrates, enabling the creation of spot and process colours in offset applications. With a mineral oil-free and vegetable-based composition, it ensures pure colour shades while omitting waxes, drying catalysts, and reactive compounds.


  • Pure Colour Brilliance: Sun Chemical Light Fast Pantone Ink offers vibrant, pure colour shades
  • Environmentally Friendly: Mineral oil-free and vegetable-based, ensuring eco-friendly offset printing
  • Reactive Compound-Free: Crafted without waxes, drying catalysts, or other reactive compounds for superior print quality
  • Rheologically Balanced: Ensures consistency and precision in every offset application

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