Sun Chemical Pantone NPS Ink

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Sun Chemical Pantone NPS Ink: Lithographic stability, mineral oil-free, and fast absorption for exceptional offset printing on fibre-based substrates.
1kg Tins

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Sun Chemical Pantone NPS Ink, is a premier choice for offset printing on fiber-based substrates. Designed as a ready-to-print offset base ink mixing system, it offers lithographic stability at all press speeds, ensuring excellent performance.


  • Lithographic Stability: Ensures consistent performance at all press speeds for reliable printing results.
  • Mineral Oil-Free: Provides fast absorption and excellent performance without compromising on quality.
  • Fibre-Based Substrates: Ideal for sheetfed printing on paper and board, including packaging and labels.
  • Mechanical Resistance: Offers good mechanical resistance and stack capability for durable prints.

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