Rubber Based Inks

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Supplied in 1kg tins
Optimise your printing process with Rubber Based Inks, renowned for fast setting and economic benefits. Ideal for small offset presses

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Rubber Based Inks offer fast setting on uncoated papers, perfect for quick printing tasks. Compatible with various plate systems and dampening methods, they ensure efficient printing without skinning. Suitable for thermography, forms, and envelope printing, these inks maximise productivity.


  • Fast Setting: Sets and dries rapidly on uncoated papers, ideal for quick back-ups and efficient printing.
  • Economic Benefits: Produces more copies, stays open on the press, and does not skin in the can, ensuring cost-effective printing.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with all plate systems and dampening methods, suitable for various printing applications including thermography, forms, and envelopes.

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